Town and Country Pet Resort is Sonoma County’s premier dog and cat boarding facility providing excellent service at reasonable fees.

See our “Special  Boarding Needs” page, for information on our “Vine Hill Specialty Boarding”  serving pets requiring special attention and medications.

We hope that everyone had a great Holiday season. It was great to see all of our four legged friends and their owners. Now we are on to the New Year and we wish the best for all of our clients. All of us at Town & Country Pet Resort look forward to providing all our clients with quality pet services while their owners are away in the coming new year.

Thanks, Forrest Templin

Our Services include:

Pick-up and delivery services

Full service pet grooming salon on premise

Grooming services for both cats and dogs

A local veterinary clinic right next door providing extra peace of mind

Kennels with Indoor and outdoor runs

Supervised play time in large play yards

We are happy to provide site visits seven days a week

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